Angelic Fragrant Bliss

Celestial Symphony is a temple of blissful self care to manifest your Heaven on Earth. Experience aromatherapy blended with artistic flair, alchemised with the vibrational ambrosia of crystals + angelic light codes to support your ascension. Lovingly handmade in Cornwall. 100% supernatural.

The Rainbow Collection

Manifest Your Bliss

Heaven on Earth. What does it mean for you?

The new (Amethyst Embrace) candle is DIVINE!! If I could capture that fragrance and put it everywhere... I would!! I have it on my bedside unlit... and it wafts over in the night making me feel happy!

Sarah-Jane, Eden in Haworth

Amazing, beautiful decadent products and excellent service - thank you!

Nicola, Frank & Pig

Celestial Symphony is a prayer to express divine grace in sensuous form. May this fragrance alchemy open your heart to the blissful music woven into the fabric of creation.

Awen Sophia Rose, Founder + Soul Whisperer

Soul Whispering

If your heart is calling out for illumination, Awen offers 1:1 virtual slumber parties to help you clear karmic dust bunnies, using intuitive astrology to weave a poetic rendition of your stars.

Light Up Your Soul Map