Cancer New Moon Oracle : Cutting Cords + Ending Karma With Scorpio South Node

Cancer New Moon Oracle : Cutting Cords + Ending Karma With Scorpio South Node

In light of Cancer New Moon, I want to tell you about the Scorpio South Node.

This year presents one of the best conditions to clear some karmic dust bunnies for good. The hurts that you've carried for many lifetimes. Patterns so ingrained in your psyche that you experience persistent manifestation blocks + relationship bombs. Always going around in circles. Wouldn't it be nice to finally breakthrough? We're half way through the year now, this is a loving reminder so you don't miss out on such a valuable opportunity.

But first, let me tell you a story about the Karmic Lunar Nodes.


Karmic Lunar Nodes 

The North + South Lunar Nodes are 2 whirlpools in the sky where the momentum of the Sun + the Moon converge. Invisible though they are, these numinous portals are magnetic + potent like black holes. Their positions shift with the ever revolving celestial plane, moving into new signs every 18 months or so.

The collective consciousness is coloured by the Lunar Nodes, based on which star signs the Nodes are in. The North Node propels us towards a new layer of material progress on earth, it is a yang force. The South Node draws us into past life karma, it is a yin force. The Nodes are always in opposite signs, we call each pair of opposing signs a karmic axis. There are 12 signs in the zodiac, and so there are 6 pairs of karmic axes.


Scorpio South Node

This year we dance with Scorpio South Node. Scorpio is a water sign, ruled by Mars + Pluto. Whenever the Moon transits a water sign, or whenever Mars is energised in the sky, a resonance can be felt in our soul memories, rattling the blood + tears we've shed across lifetimes.

Scorpio is the deepest sign of the zodiac with tremendous transformative power. It rules secrets + taboos, instinctively driven to unearth what is hidden. This is why South Node in Scorpio is one of the most alchemical times in our lives for karmic healing - to let go of old shackles once and for all.

There are 3 water signs in the zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. When Scorpio touches maternal, Moon-ruled Cancer, it is a trigger followed by nursing care; there is an undercurrent of trauma bonding and co-dependency if we vibe low. When Scorpio touches spiritual, Neptune-ruled Pisces, it is sacrifice + transcendence, sort of conducting a funeral on what had passed; there is temptation to escape into addiction and self-destruct if we slip. 


Cancer New Moon

Today's Cancer New Moon forms an auspicious aspect with Scorpio South Node. Cancer is very private and a homebody. This is 4th house energy, of sanctuary + foundation + ancestry + safety. The few days around New Moon is also known as Dark Moon, because this is when the Moon is not yet visible in the sky. Energy flows inward during this moon phase, we get a bit sleepy, things necessarily slow down in the outer world.

In this time of gestation, especially when it is Cancer Moon, we may feel extra sensitive + vulnerable. Don't fight this. The veil between this and other lifetimes is somewhat porous right now. There is a need to cosy up and be quiet, so that you feel safe enough to allow the tender entrails of your psyche to surface. This time, try not to push back the triggers or difficult emotions. 

You see, when we suppress something, we put pressure on it and over time, pressure causes inflammation and damage. This is true for both our physical body + emotional body. When there is an injury, we twist ourselves into a funny shape to over-compensate for the sore spots. And when we get ourselves all twisted up, this is how we end up creating + reinforcing blocks to our manifestations.

The shame + fear we feel, whenever these triggers arise, can blind us to what really happened. Our perception is outdated, a part of us becomes lost in time. This means that whenever we are triggered, we get sucked back into a traumatic time + space, unable to recognise that we've already grown much stronger, and that we are now safe. And this is also why you need a safe space, either at home or with a professional healer or therapist, to revisit certain history.


Healing Traumatic Triggers

The illuminating searchlight of Scorpio, coupled with Cancer's intuitive sensors, make this New Moon an incredible time for shadow work if you dare to take a deep dive. Over the next few days, as much as you can, I really encourage you to carve out a private, quiet, sacred space. Maybe light a candle, surround yourself with soft things, maybe with a pet. Get comfortable, take some slow breaths, ground yourself. And just let whatever wants to come up, to come up naturally. You don't have to force anything, and don't overthink it.

The key is to feel and be honest with yourself. The mind too often conspires with the ego to weave stories to protect you, but that protection actually prevents you from healing, because it prevents you from seeing the truth. The things that happened 5, 10, 20 years ago, or in another lifetime; the set of circumstances, environment, places and people were very different from where you are now. Yet very often, when we're triggered, we just don't see that. 

And so this New Moon is an opportune time to give it a go! To see if you can find a new perspective, to discover some new truths about what happened. Now I hasten to add, this is by no means to water down anything awful that happened in the past. But there's always room to grow, because we're always evolving. You aren't the same person you were when those things happened. You're in a much better place now. It may not always feel that way, but trust me, you are in a much better place now. From time to time, it's healthy for us to update our self-image and our perception. Having some tarot or oracle cards to hand can be very helpful too.


Your Soul Guide

And if you would like a guiding light, I'm one of the angels available to you at this time. I offer 1:1 Soul Whispering Sessions, using the power of your own birth chart to unlock your shadow work. Whatever you do, I hope this moon cycle blesses you with freedom + safety. I'm sending you a stream of healing rose quartz light, I'm rooting for you.

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