How To Supercharge Your Manifestation

How To Supercharge Your Manifestation

Fire + Earth

The element of fire is a creative force; fire radiates + transforms energy. The element of earth is a grounding force; earth materialises + anchors energy into form. When fire + earth come together, the potential for manifestation is multiplied. 

Fire + earth make ceramics - the cornerstone of civilisation. Have you noticed that souls who are born with fire (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) + earth (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn) are often powerful go-getters of the world? Especially the combination of mutable Sagittarius + cardinal Capricorn: they have the vision (Sag) + the grit (Cap) to accomplish enduring legacy. I like to call these souls pyramid builders.

You can easily harness the manifesting power of fire + earth, by placing a candle in the centre of a crystal grid! A candle is essentially a mini sacred flame, whereas crystals are gifts from Mother Gaia - high vibrational rocks with healing properties.


WTF is a crystal grid?

A crystal grid is an intentional arrangement of crystals, usually in some form of sacred geometry, to focus energy on a desired outcome. You can create a crystal grid to manifest anything: from physical things such as a new car, home or job; to experiences such as loving relationship, good health or inner peace.

By all means, you can enjoy an elaborate ritual to create your crystal grid - there are lots of good resources online - but know that ceremony is optional. The essence of magic is in your own intention, so don't be daunted by the woo fanfare.


A Beginner's Guide

Smoothly polished tumble stones are inexpensive + widely available, perfect for making crystal grids. You may also add flowers + seashells to your grid. Take Heartsong Candle for example. You can simply surround this pretty pink candle with some rose quartz and light it up. It helps if you also think of some lovely thoughts while arranging the crystals. That's it!

Heartsong is already infused with rose quartz light, as well as angelic light codes to attract love in all forms + heal heartbreak + grant courage to follow your heart. Turning the candle into a crystal grid supercharge these intentions for manifestation.


Down The Rabbit Hole

If you are looking for more guidance on crystals + practical spirituality, I can wholeheartedly recommend Karen Elizabeth of Sparkling Moon.

Karen is an incredible teacher + healer, one of those rare souls who genuinely cheers for your personal empowerment without agenda. The magical lady is qualified to her pointy hat in various healing arts, yet she communicates her wisdom in such a down-to-earth manner, without any unicorn poo!

The spiritual community can be a noisy place, often clouded by the glamour of social media influencers. Karen is a teacher of teachers and the real deal. Join her Facebook group Daily Whispers @sparklingmoonholistics, where she runs crystal spotlights + full moon circles.

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