Solstice Oracle : A Newfound Emotional Maturity After The Storm

Solstice Oracle : A Newfound Emotional Maturity After The Storm

Solstice Blessings, dear heart. Here in the North we enter into the golden light of summer, the energy is beautiful today. May this play of light dissolve all that no longer serve our most blissful path.


Cardinal Ingress

This year, the Moon flows into Aries just as the Sun rises in Cancer, from one cardinal sign to the next. Cardinal signs rule the ingress of seasons. Spring (Aries) was marked by Taurus/Scorpio eclipses + other intense transits. The Pandora's Box burst open from the depths of Scorpio South Node. The blindfolds suddenly fell off, it was an opportune time for deep karmic release. You experienced a lot in a short space of time, flung from one timeline to another. Perhaps you still haven't caught your breath and you aren't even sure who you are yet in this new paradigm. Last week's Neptune square probably didn't help with clarity either.


After The Storm

The good news is, the solar radiance of maternal Cancer is washing away the storm that lingers in the lunar reflection of Aries. Mercury is also out of post-retrograde shadow and fully empowered in his home sign Gemini. The humid clouds part, we begin to "come back online" under a clear blue sky. Surprisingly, although Cancer is a sensitive water sign, the energy feels more head over heart. Perhaps the expedition into Scorpio abyss has brought back a new layer of rational maturity to the emotional waters of Cancer. This is a week of breakthroughs.


A Heartfelt Wish

As your soul guide, the best counsel I can offer you at this time is this:

You have to let it go and trust there is better everything ahead. Better love. Better health. Better money. Better everything.

Most of us have fixated on wishes we dreamt up in those tender years, when our imagination was limited by inexperience. Long held dreams would benefit from an update now.

The end goal is just a point in time. What we spend most of our lives experiencing is the process. A new process has already begun. Truly, you've waited lifetimes for this. Take the scenic route. Stop missing out on what makes you happy. And it isn't found in the big career accolade or relationship milestone, at least not until you learn to cherish the small moments that bring an easy smile to your face.

This season, I sincerely wish you bloom into many smiles throughout your day, everyday. It's your birthright.

Let's find grace together.


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