This Poetic Beacon.

Celestial Symphony is a multi-faceted beacon, born of a sacred wish to bring Heaven to Earth. The light manifests as a Vibrational Fragrance House + Boutique Creative Agency + Divine Feminine Temple.

At the heart of Celestial Symphony is a prayer to connect with the sublime intangible via sensorial delight, for this is how the incarnate soul experiences BLISS. 

From fragrant beauty wonders, gourmet treats, sumptuous imagery to poetic words, every creative breath seeks to express divine grace in sensuous form


The Soul Whisperer.

Celestial Symphony is the heartsong of visionary artist + soul whisperer, Awen Sophia Rose. In her earthly masquerade, Awen enjoys many vivid endeavours as branding alchemist, natural perfumer, cosmetic formulator, fine foods specialist, poetic writer and photographer.

Lovingly handmade by Awen at her apothecary where the Faery Forest meets the Celtic Sea, these vessels of light are nourished by the ancient mystical energies of Cornwall. Awen weaves angelic light codes into each of her creations, which serve to activate the light body + awaken souls on the ascension path. 


Dear Starseed,

If you're drawn to this beacon,
you too are a poetic soul. 
There aren’t many of us around. 
This world often feels too loud, 
too shallow. 

You may feel alone in a crowd, 
yearning for a shimmering ocean 
somewhere among the stars. 

My love, I’m with you. 

we're poetic silence 
in a sea of noise. 

- Awen Sophia Rose, 
Founder + Soul Whisperer 

What Are Angelic Light Codes? 

You may think of angelic light codes as a form of energy medicine. It is a light language programmed with specific frequencies to heal the energy body + awaken ancient wisdom deep within the soul.

You see, luminosity is only a small part of what light is. The primary function of light is actually to store all kinds of information within creation. It's a cosmic language that transcends dimensions. Light codes maybe channelled as sounds, movements, or symbols. It can also be carried in a botanical or crystalline matrix such as the fragrance alchemy of Celestial Symphony.

Because angelic light codes come from a pure benevolent source, they also have the effect of being very soothing to the soul, which in turn facilitates self-healing.