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Celestial Symphony

Amethyst Embrace Candle For Deep Sleep + Intuition

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Hugs in a candle. Imagine a warm blanket scented with vanilla + lavender wraps around you, grounding you into deep peace.

Amethyst Embrace shimmers with silver lunar light intertwined with mystical indigo light. Infused with amethyst crystal + angelic light codes, this fragrance alchemy opens the door to the Akashic Records.

A very comforting bedtime candle for a good night's sleep. Supports meditation + spiritual practice. The perfect candle for divination + healing ritual.

210g / 1 wick / 50 hours burn time

The Magic

Manifestations : Deep Sleep + Open Intuition + Access Akashic Records

Elements : Water + Earth

Chakra : Third Eye

Crystal : Amethyst

The Fragrance

Amethyst Embrace is a lullaby of the most tranquil essential oils. Sweet scented chamomile + citrus peels rest on a warm blanket of lavender + vanilla, enveloped by the loving embrace of copaiba balsam + ylang ylang.

The Healing

We transcend the illusion of time in deep meditation. The tapestry of incarnations stretches before you like the Milky Way. You may recall glimpses of past lifetimes, or inklings of possible futures. The karmic threads that inform repetitive patterns may also become apparent.

The Uses

Meditate with Amethyst Embrace Candle to receive intuitive guidance. This sacred flame is a wonderful companion for oracle card reading, and can be very helpful in past life regression or other healing sessions too.

We love lighting this candle in the evening to unwind, as part of our bedtime ritual for sweet dreams. The unlit candle is still very fragrant. Place it by the bedside to rest in a cloud of soothing fragrance.

100% Supernatural

Each candle is generously poured with 21g of essential oils carried in pure plant waxes. Alchemised with crystals + angelic light codes to raise your vibration. Lovingly handmade in Cornwall, England.