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Celestial Symphony

Awen Rose Aura Elixir For Emotional Safety + Feminine Healing

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Imagine a golden shield surrounds your aura, to calm anxious bunny + protect your energy.

Awen Rose soothes with the peachy pink light of self love. Infused with rose quartz + moonstone + angelic light codes, this fragrance alchemy channels the unconditional love of the Divine Mother.

A perfumed body oil to bless you with velvet skin. Supports trauma healing + hormonal balance. Awakens the Divine Feminine within.

100 ml / 3.38 fl.oz

The Magic

Manifestations : Emotional Safety + Feminine Healing + Spiritual Awakening

Elements : Fire + Water

Chakras : Heart + Sacral

Crystal : Rose Quartz + Moonstone

The Fragrance

Awen Rose is a creamy rose scent that blooms like a smile. Calming + hormone balancing essential oils are artfully blended to evoke a sense of emotional safety.

Soothing lemon balm + mandarin hush the anxious bunnies. A garland of Damask rose + geraniums honour the goddess within. Ylang ylang + sandalwood nourish sensuality, touched by a kiss of sweet vanilla.

The Beauty

The fragrance alchemy is carried in a beautifying blend of golden oils for ageless beauty: 

🌟 Prickly pear oil improves skin elasticity. 
🌟 Passion flower oil calms inflammation. 
🌟 Papaya oil smooths skin texture.
🌟 Rice bran oil brightens skin tone.
🌟 Rosehip CO2 erases stretch marks. 
🌟 Pomegranate CO2 promotes cellular renewal.

The Healing

Emotional safety is the state of feeling nourished + secure. We become able to discern our circumstances with clarity, which empowers us to make informed choices from a place of compassion.

We feel good to give without agenda or sacrifice, and we are open to receive in equal measure. When we feel safe, the embodiment + expression of our authentic self manifests naturally.

How To Use

Anoint Awen Rose Aura Elixir on chakras + pulse points. Or anywhere that you wish to be kissed!

To transform your shower into a sacred ritual, apply the elixir all over wet skin after cleansing, before gently patting dry with a towel.

I AM safe + comfortable in my body.

100% Supernatural

Thoughtfully formulated with pure essential oils + natural beauty wonders to enhance your glow. Alchemised with crystals + angelic light codes to raise your vibration. Lovingly handmade in Cornwall, England.