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Celestial Symphony

Awen Rose Candle For Emotional Safety + Feminine Healing

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The most gorgeous smudging candle ever. Clears energetic dust bunnies + transforms your space to a sacred temple.

Awen Rose soothes with the peachy pink light of self love. Infused with rose quartz + moonstone + angelic light codes, this fragrance alchemy channels the unconditional love of the Divine Mother.

A luxurious candle to bloom roses in the air. Perfect for spa + wedding. Supports trauma healing + hormonal balance. Awakens the Divine Feminine within.

210g / 1 wick / 50 hours burn time

The Magic

Manifestations : Emotional Safety + Feminine Healing + Spiritual Awakening

Elements : Fire + Water

Chakras : Heart + Sacral

Crystal : Rose Quartz + Moonstone

The Fragrance

Awen Rose is a creamy rose scent that blooms like a smile. Calming + hormone balancing essential oils are artfully blended to evoke a sense of emotional safety.

Soothing lemon balm + mandarin hush the anxious bunnies. A garland of Damask rose + geraniums honour the goddess within. Ylang ylang + sandalwood nourish sensuality, touched by a kiss of sweet vanilla.

The Healing

Emotional safety is the state of feeling nourished + secure. We become able to discern our circumstances with clarity, which empowers us to make informed choices from a place of compassion.

We feel good to give without agenda or sacrifice, and we are open to receive in equal measure. When we feel safe, the embodiment + expression of our authentic self manifests naturally.

The Uses

When smoking out the room with burning sage is not practical, such as in an office or some other shared spaces, light an Awen Rose Candle to cleanse energy instead.

We love to keep this candle in the entrance hall, so that everything that enters our home is transmuted to love. Plus your visitors will be greeted with such a gorgeous fragrance!

Awen Rose Candle is a popular choice for scenting wedding venues + spas, to create a romantic ambience that makes you feel beautiful + warmly welcome.

100% Supernatural

Each candle is generously poured with 21g of essential oils carried in pure plant waxes. Alchemised with crystals + angelic light codes to raise your vibration. Lovingly handmade in Cornwall, England.