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Celestial Symphony

Celestial Radiance Elixir For Abundance + Glow

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This radiance-boosting oil serum lights up your face with golden celestial light. It is also an aura shield to protect your energy in a citrine-powered halo. 

Infused with citrine + gold + angelic light codes, the fragrance alchemy elevates your bliss to attract abundance in all forms.

Thoughtfully formulated to soothe + beautify the delicate skin on the face. A concentrated cocktail of precious botanicals bless you with a glowing complexion + soft dewy skin.

Contains 23ct gold petals inside each bottle.

30 ml / 1.01 fl.oz

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The Magic

Manifestations : Inspires Confidence + Positive Outlook + Attracts Blissful Abundance

Elements : Air + Water

Chakras : Crown + Solar Plexus

Crystals : Citrine + Gold

The Fragrance

The most regal flowers have been gathered for this elegant scent. The celestial rose endlessly unfolds the goddess heart. Jasmine evokes sensuality + romance. Neroli transports the senses to a healing spa temple, warmly greeted by a hint of marzipan.

The Beauty

A symphony of botanical beauty wonders celebrates ageless beauty: 

🌟 Jasmine calms inflammation.
🌟 Neroli heals broken capillaries.
🌟 Prickly pear oil improves skin elasticity. 
🌟 Passionflower oil stimulates collagen synthesis. 
🌟 Plum kernel oil repairs oxidative stress. 
🌟 Papaya oil brightens skin texture.
🌟 Rosehip CO2 fades pigmentation.
🌟 Pomegranate CO2 rejuvenates cellular renewal.

The Healing

The more light we embody, the more our radiant presence is felt far and wide. Resonant souls + aligned circumstances are magnetically drawn to our beacon.

There is no need to chase whatever you desire in life. Save your energy for taking inspired action, as auspicious synchronicities guide you on your path!

I ATTRACT abundance in all forms.

How To Use

For optimum absorption, apply on damp skin. Warm 1 to 2 drops of elixir between your palms. Gently massage into moist face + décolletage after cleansing. 

As you inhale the beautiful fragrance, visualise the intricate network of energy channels on your face, drinking up the elixir and glowing with a soft golden light. 

Perfect for use with a crystal face roller to detox + contour.

100% Supernatural

Thoughtfully formulated with pure essential oils + natural beauty wonders to enhance your glow. Alchemised with crystals + angelic light codes to raise your vibration. Lovingly handmade in Cornwall, England.