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Celestial Symphony

Heartsong Candle For Love + Soul Purpose

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Love spell in a candle. Inspires love + forgiveness + courage. 

Heartsong radiates the soothing pink light of unconditional love. Infused with rose quartz crystal + angelic light codes, this fragrance alchemy elevates everything to a more loving expression.

A beautiful candle to attract love in all forms. Supports heart healing + overcoming grief. Also grants courage to follow your heartsong.

210g / 1 wick / 50 hours burn time

The Magic

Manifestations : Attract Love + Heal Heartbreak + Awaken Soul Purpose

Elements : Fire + Earth

Chakra : Heart

Crystal : Rose Quartz

The Fragrance

Heartsong is a sweetheart fragrance composed of pure essential oils. Top notes of orange blossom + light citrus dance you into the passionate heart notes of Moroccan rose + cinnamon + ylang ylang, rested on a soft cushion of sandalwood.

The Healing

As our hearts heal and we become open to love once again, we ascend to a higher vibration. This triggers a cascade of blissful consequences as our outer experience reflects our inner state. 

Synchronicities in the form of supportive circumstances + resonant souls may appear out of nowhere to sweeten your day. It's as if you've shifted to a fabulous new reality - because you have! 

The Uses

The light of Heartsong nourishes existing relationships as well as attracts new connections.

Whilst you can absolutely call in your soulmate, love in all forms is not limited to romance. Perhaps you desire deeper compassion within the family, or a more harmonious workplace? Set an intention each time you light the candle.

Heartsong is a romantic candle that makes you feel beautiful. It's perfect for date night + wedding. Light it in any space you wish to fill with love.

100% Supernatural

Each candle is generously poured with 21g of essential oils carried in pure plant waxes. Alchemised with crystals + angelic light codes to raise your vibration. Lovingly handmade in Cornwall, England.