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Celestial Symphony

Heartsong Bath Oil For Love + Soul Purpose

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Love spell in a bottle. Inspires love + forgiveness + courage. 

Heartsong radiates the soothing pink light of unconditional love. Infused with rose quartz crystal + angelic light codes, this fragrance alchemy elevates everything to a more loving expression.

A sparkling bath oil to attract love in all forms. Supports heart healing + overcoming grief. Also grants courage to follow your heartsong.

100 ml / 3.38 fl.oz

The Magic

Manifestations : Attract Love + Heal Heartbreak + Awaken Soul Purpose

Elements : Fire + Earth

Chakra : Heart

Crystal : Rose Quartz

The Fragrance

Heartsong is a sweetheart fragrance composed of pure essential oils. Top notes of orange blossom + light citrus dance you into the passionate heart notes of Moroccan rose + cinnamon + ylang ylang, rested on a soft cushion of sandalwood.

The Healing

As our hearts heal and we become open to love once again, we ascend to a higher vibration. This triggers a cascade of blissful consequences as our outer experience reflects our inner state. 

Synchronicities in the form of supportive circumstances + resonant souls may appear out of nowhere to sweeten your day. It's as if you've shifted to a fabulous new reality - because you have! 

How To Use

Shake the bottle like a snow dome to activate the sparkling magic! Pour a small amount into a warm bath. Feel the Love.

100% Supernatural

Pure essential oils carried in a nourishing plant base of peach + almond + coconut oils, supercharged with regenerative pomegranate CO2 extract. Sparkling with biodegradable glitters inside each beautiful apothecary glass bottle!

Alchemised with crystals + angelic light codes to raise your vibration. Lovingly handmade in Cornwall, England.