Celestial Symphony

Soul Whispering : Intuitive Astrology + Shadow Work In One Slumber Party

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🔮 Do you wish to explore the kaleidoscope of your soul expression? 🔮

💫 Discover your purpose + karma written in the stars? 💫

🐰 Clear some karmic dust bunnies so you can manifest at a higher octave? 🐰

If your answer is YES, let's have a virtual slumber party across the ether! 🥳

Soul Whispering is an intuitive astrology reading + shadow work healing in one deeply resonant session. During the 90 minutes we spend together, we open the Pandora’s Box that is your birth chart to decipher your soul purpose in this lifetime. We deep dive into the facets of your personality, informed by the karma you carry, which in turn influence how you manifest in the world. I’ll also help you clear some karmic dust bunnies (shadow work), so you may better align with your destiny and shine your most vibrant soul light! 🌈

Session duration: 90 minutes