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Soul Whispering

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 1:1 Online Session
Intuitive Astrology + Soul Purpose Coaching + Energy Healing 
woven together in one sacred space.

Session length : 1 hour

What Is Soul Whispering?

Soul Whispering is what I practise as a healer. I offer these 1:1 sessions to help you bloom your most vibrant soul expression in this lifetime.

Intuitive Astrology

Using your birth chart as a guide, we open the Pandora's box to better understand your purpose + patterns in life.

We also clear some karmic dust bunnies (blockages + traum) along the way. This will enable you to align with the flow of synchronicities + manifest more easily.

Virtual Slumber Party

Our heartfelt session will be shared over wifi audio call. Even though Zoom calls are popular these days, I opt out of video call because it distracts me from listening to you and sending you healing energy.

Rest + Heal

Soul Whispering can be intense energetically. If possible, please try to book your session on a free day. You may need to lay down or soak in a salt bath afterwards, to integrate the healing.