In the beginning, there was a song.

A gentle lullaby swirls glowing dust into form. From the divine resonance rose the First Born, and the song was passed onto them. Creation becomes a celestial symphony. The angelic beings sing nebulae into galaxies and compose the rhythm of seasons. This loving symphony guides a flower to unfurl its petals, breathes soul into every living pulse.

Once upon a time, an oracle told me I would sing to soothe souls.

Thoughts sparked and dimmed like phosphorescence in the sea, but I was a mute full of songs. My heart ached like rubies dripping from a clock. I would listen to the whispers in water, echoes of the First Embrace. I followed the serpentine path of a faint melody, in a labyrinthine search for my own heartsong.

When I finally found the bird nestled behind a glistening waterfall, her beauty disowned me from myself. I hear the blissful music in stillness, see beautiful patterns dancing in the light. I begin to sing intuitively, to share healing vibrations with my voice.

Your wise, ancient soul may recognise the sacred resonance in my lullabies. May my sonic medicine anchor a sense of wellbeing + belonging in you, giving you the courage to shine your light.

Celestial Symphony is a prayer to express divine grace in sensuous form. As incarnate souls, we learn to connect with the divine via our earthly senses. My heart beats for poetic creations that delight the senses + soothe the soul.

The healing power of perfume is steeped in mystical traditions. Smell is the most evocative yet elusive of our sensory experience. Language often fails to describe the fleeting, abstract feelings aroused by a scent. It is sensual and ethereal at the same time, much like the mysterious dance between body + soul.

Although modern perfumery offers thousands of aroma molecules for all kinds of olfactory pleasure, they don't sing to me. I choose to work exclusively with pure essential oils, because they sing the unique song of each plant - the energetic blueprint, part of the symphony of creation. To me, a lovely fragrance is a piece of harmonious music.

My healing fragrances combine aromatherapy with energy healing. Pure essential oils are blended with artistic flair, while respecting their potent health benefits. Each element is thoughtfully formulated with synergy + synchronicity in mind. The botanical matrix also serves to contain the healing energy I channel into each fragrance.

Awen means divine inspiration. I am destined to be your muse.

East of the Sun: I learnt to dance in a kimono; caught goldfish with a paper screen when the cherry blossoms bloomed. West of the Moon: I swept the souks in a red gown; pondered the nature of God with strangers over mint tea.

In my earthly masquerade, I am a creative director + formulator. I enjoy designing fragrant things for spas, because they are the modern equivalent to healing temples - and I an alchemist. I also enjoy giving out roses at meetings and hosting picnics on the office floor. My original plan was to join a travelling circus if things didn't work out.

I won a few awards along the way and went to some cool parties. But the Oceanic Beloved was calling me to her shore, so I left the glitterati and ran to the sea. I feel incredibly blessed to live in Cornwall. The poetry in my work is deeply inspired by the turquoise ocean + wild green forests of this mystical land.

I believe in Heaven on Earth. I believe we can each manifest our own Heaven on Earth by doing what we love + being rewarded with abundance.

Love + Bliss + Abundance,

Awen xo