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Amethyst Embrace Candle

Amethyst Embrace Candle

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Amethyst Embrace channels mystical purple light sparkling with silver moonlight. The healing fragrance supports restful sleep + enhances intuition.

This is the perfect bedside candle. Also wonderful for oracle reading + meditation.

Positive Manifestations

  • Peaceful sleep
  • Feel grounded + relaxed
  • Enhance intuition
  • Spiritual protection
  • Access the Akashic Records

Healing Energy

  • Elements : Earth + Water
  • Energy Centre : Third Eye Chakra
  • Crystal : Amethyst

Candle Size

1 wick / 210g / 50 hours burn time


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The Fragrance

Amethyst Embrace comforts you with the sweetest lullaby. Chamomile + citrus peels are wrapped in a warm blanket of lavender + vanilla, grounded by copaiba balsam + ylang ylang.

Sacred Flame

A candle lit with intention is a mini sacred flame to illumine your inner temple. Our beautiful candles are infused with crystals + healing fragrances to enhance your graceful living. Lovingly hand poured with pure plant waxes for a clean burn, to serenade your air for 33+ hours.

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Amethyst Embrace

Amethyst Embrace channels mystical purple light sparkling with silver moonlight.Supports restful sleep... 

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