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Awen Rose Pulse Kiss

Awen Rose Pulse Kiss

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Awen Rose radiates the peachy pink light of self-love. This perfume oil roll-on channels the loving protection of the Divine Mother. Supports emotional safety + trauma healing.

Positive Manifestations

  • Calm anxiety
  • Increase self-love
  • Restore sensuality
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Connect with Divine Feminine

Healing Energy

  • Elements : Fire + Water
  • Energy Centres : Heart + Sacral Chakras
  • Crystal : Rose Quartz + Moonstone

100% Supernatural

The healing fragrance is carried in a beautifying blend of botanical CO2 extracts, to soothe inflammation + make your skin glow.


10 ml / 0.34 fl oz / glass roll-on bottle

Awen Rose Pulse Kiss is the pocket-size little sister of Awen Rose Aura Elixir.


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The Fragrance

Awen Rose is a creamy rose scent that blooms like a warm smile. A garland of soothing lemon balm + roses honours the goddess within, touched by a kiss of sweet vanilla, sensual ylang ylang + sacred woods.

Golden Elixir

Anointing with perfumed oil is a sacrament to receive divine grace. Our Aura Elixirs are liquid golden light, infused with crystals + healing fragrances to protect your aura. Synergistically formulated with high potency CO2 extracts to soothe + rejuvenate your skin:

Rosehip CO2 erases scars + stretch marks.
Calendula CO2 soothes inflammation + aids wound healing.
Sea buckthorn CO2 brightens skin tone + protects against the elements.
Pomegranate CO2 stimulates collagen production + improves skin elasticity.

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Awen Rose

Awen Rose radiates the peachy pink light of self-love. Supports emotional safety... 

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