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Celestial Symphony

Branding Alchemy : Brainstorm Your Business

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This ✨dynamic 3-hour brainstorm✨ is
Designed to jumpstart your branding IQ
Whether you are a business looking to up your game 🌟
Or a newbie starting your passion project 💗

Session length: 3 hours

Awen will be adding more information about this service
when she has a thoughtful moment.
In the meantime, feel free to drop her a love note
and have a nice chat! 🤗

The Fragrance

Imagine an ancient evergreen forest is breathing through you. A soothing yet uplifting blend of wintergreen, pine, lavender, lemon & copaiba balsam.

The Vibration

Infused with angelic light codes + blue obsidian crystal to clear karmic dust bunnies. Inspires epiphany + mental clarity. Attuned to the throat chakra.